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OAF Curated Space: Art Brut - Photos

Bruno Decharme, collection abcd

Outsider Art Fair Paris 2019

OAF Curated Space: Art Brut - Photos



Marcel Bascoulard  |  Anonymous dite Birgit
John Brill  |  Eugene Von Bruenchenhein
Felipe Jesus Consalvos  |  Yohann Goetzmann
Marian Henel  |  Mark Hogancamp
Paul Humphrey  |  Zdenek Kosek 
Alexandre Lobanov  |  Lubos Plny
Theodor Smirnov  |  Dominique Theate
Leopold Strobl  |  Miroslav Tichy
Elke Tangeten  |  Melvin Way 
Anonymous dit Zorro


Since its founding, the Collection abcd, established by the filmmaker Bruno Decharme, has been interested in the photographic image in its various forms. By bringing together more than 500 works by 53 creators, this body of work was presented for the first time at the Rencontres de la photographie d’Arles as PHOTO I BRUT, collection Bruno Decharme & compagnie. As part of its carte blanche, Decharme will present a small selection at OAF Paris. In 2020 PHOTO I BRUT will be exhibited at the American Folk Art Museum in New York and will then continue on to other countries.

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