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The Outsider Art Fair Paris ran from 2013-2022, starting modestly with a takeover of the boutique Hotel Le A in the 8th arrondissement with dealers exhibiting in their rooms. After two editions, we moved to Hotel du Duc, a hotel particulier in the 2 nd arrondissement, and then Atelier Richelieu beginning in 2017.

Throughout our ten-year engagement we crossed paths with a wonderful myriad of artists, collectors, dealers, journalists, and business associates. We are grateful to everyone who participated and are very proud to share the archive of all that happened. We reflect happily on the colorful characters and partners who shared their passion and lent their expertise including Art Absolument, Artension, Maurizio Cattelan, Daniel Cordier, Gerhard Dammann, Bruno Decharme, Hôtel Drouot, Charles-Henri Filippi, Antoine de Galbert, Antoine Gentil, Edward Gomez, Becca Hoffman, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Michèle Lamy, Pierre Laporte, Sarah Lombardi, Martine Lusardy, Jean-Hubert Martin, Patrick Michel, Françoise Monin, Dan Nadel, Marta Papini, Atelier Richelieu, Valérie Rousseau, Halle Saint Pierre, Barbara Safarova, Michaela Spiegel, Luc Volatier, Raw Vision and Wakka Wakka.


The Outsider Art Fair looks forward to keeping up with these great relationships in the future and fully intends to pursue projects that engage our European friends. And we encourage everyone to put the first week of March on their calendar for OAF New York!

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