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Book Signing : L'Art Brut (Citadelles & Mazenod Editions)

Saturday, October 20, 3:00 PM

Book Signing : L'Art Brut (Citadelles & Mazenod Editions)


Please join us for the launch and book signing of the new book, L'Art Brut, published by Citadelles & Mazenod Editions, edited by Martine Lusardy.

Saturday, October 20, 2018 at 3:00 PM
Halle Saint Pierre Bookstore, OAF Booth 36

Contributors present: Marc Décimo, Lucienne Peiry, Thomas Röske, John Maizels, Deborah Couette, Emilie Champenois, Jean-Pierre Klein, Randall Morris, Claire Margat, Gustavo Giacosa et Martine Lusardy

Previously unappreciated by the public at large, today understanding of the genre known as art brut is gaining new recognition. Though long categorized as mad art, or l’art des fousart brut now covers an infinite variety of creations. Beyond works associated with psychiatric asylums and mediumistic revelations, this book highlights the multi-faceted achievements of the common man, or l’homme du commun (Jean Dubuffet) - those who are outside of the artistic circuit. 

This original synthesis, conducted by a multidisciplinary, international team of art historians, critics, psychologists, psychiatrists, and artists, brings together a prolific body of over 550 works. During strange, worrying, and familiar times, these works are the metaphors of an adventurous journey to the depths of our sensibility, that gives meaning to the measure of what is to be human. 

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