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Trolling a Hotel

A Site-Specific Troll Museum Pop-Up

Ace Hotel New York

January 15 - 20, 2019

Courtesy of The Troll Museum

Courtesy of The Troll Museum


Tuesday January 15 - Sunday January 20, 2019

Ace Hotel New York Lobby
20 W 29th St
New York, NY 10011

Free and open to the Public

On September 16th, in the year of our Lord 2000, a self-described Art Star and Elf called Reverend Jen opened the world's only Lower East Side Troll Museum in her tiny, rent-stabilized tenement apartment. Rev’s goal was simple: educate, enlighten and amuse others by showcasing her rad collection of Troll Dolls. People came from far and wide and the "tiny museum that could" gained international notoriety. It was the subject of a documentary on Japan's NHK TV, was featured on the WB's evening news, the Smithsonian Channel and in many magazines and newspapers. Asking a mere pittance of a $3,000 suggested donation, Reverend Jen was able to see her museum flourish and grow for almost 16 years, until the barely employable Elf was unable to pay the rent and thus evicted.

Many have recently asked, "Where is the Troll Museum when we need it most?" In these trying times, the doll that turned the world on with a smile, a talisman of hope and the embodiment of "groovy" is requisite. In partnership with the Outsider Art Fair and Ace Hotel New York, prayers are being temporarily answered, as the Troll Museum will be doing a brief installation in the hotel's lobby, where appropriately, there is a bar. Visitors can find the majority of the Trolls taking over the front desk and check-in area, with a few  peppered across the Lobby for good measure.

Trolling a Hotel will be on display from Tuesday January 15 through Sunday January 20, 2019 at the Ace Hotel New York. 

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