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OAF Talks

A Bridge Between Two Worlds

New York 2013

OAF Talks


Daniel Baumann, curator, Adolf Wölfli Foundation, Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland, and co-curator, 2013 Carnegie International, Pittsburgh
Massimiliano Gioni, associate director and head of exhibitions, New Museum, and curator, 55th Venice Biennale, 2013 
Ralph Rugoff, director, Hayward Gallery, and curator, The Alternative Guide to the Universe, 2013

Based on discussions about specific works of self-taught art associated with art brut, outsider art and folk art, the guests will observe, from their levels of expertise as curators for museums and international shows like biennials, the context of integrating these creations into contemporary art networks and exhibition spaces. How is this material absorbed and what particular challenges does it pose? What do these works teach us and how do they provoke or jar established cultural structures? What are the dynamics between the center and the peripheries of art? This converstaion will take a critical look at the museography of art brut: how do conventional modern and contemporary art galleries approach showing outseder art?

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