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American, contemporary.
Born 1961, Versailles, Kentucky.

Beverly Baker's drawings are created through the obsessive layering of text found in a small selection of books and magazines that she uses as reference material. The final abstract compositions generally contain only trace hints of their genesis in language as Baker draws continuously on the same sheet, obliterating her original words or letters with additional words, lines and color. Most of her drawings are created with ballpoint pens, colored pencils and permanent markers.



Baker, who has Down Syndrome, is a member of the Latitude Artist Community in Lexington, Kentucky, a program with the stated mission of serving all people, with an emphasis on those thought by some to have a disability. Baker has been an integral member of Latitude since its founding in 2001.

- Phillip March Jones


Selected Solo Exhibitions
2003, Beverly Baker: Recent Work, Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning, Lexington
2002, Beverly Baker, University of Kentucky, President's Room, Singletary Center, Lexington

Selected Exhibitions
2016, Black 'Paintings': A Response to Jackson Pollack, SITE131, Dallas
2016, World Made By Hand, Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York
2015, Art brut live, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague
2009, In Through the Out Door, Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York
2009, Tell Them It's Human Nature, Osilas Gallery at Concordia College, Bronxville
2008, Communication Breakdown, Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York
2003, Electricity, Singletary Center for the Arts, University of Kentucky

Selected Collections
abcd collection, Montreuil
Museum of Everything, London

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