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New York 2013

OAF Talks

The OAF Talks have been prepared by art historian and curator Valérie Rousseau.


6-6:15pm, Outsider Art Fair, 2nd Floor
Geneviève Roulin Tribute: Honoring Mario Del Curto
The tribute, named in memory of Geneviève Roulin (1947-2001), assistant director-curator at the Collection de l'Art Brut in Lausanne from 1976 to 2001, is presented by Sam and Betsey Farber, and Andrew Edlin, CEO, Wide Open Arts, LLC. For the occasion, curators and art historians Céline Muzelle and Valérie Rousseau selected a dozen photographs by Mario Del Curto, exhibited on the second floor of the fair.


4pm, Outsider Art Fair, Rooftop
Mario Del Curto
The Swiss photographer Mario Del Curto is the 2013 recipient of the Geneviève Roulin Tribute for his thirty years of documenting self-taught and art brut artists worldwide. The powerful images he creates open cosmological and philosophical doors to the idiosyncratic universes of the artists he captures. In his talk, he shares his experiences about the characters he has met and reveal unique aspects of their works. With the contribution of Céline Muzelle.

4:45pm, Outsider Art Fair, Rooftop
Dr Kent Minturn, assistant professor, Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts (IDSVA), Portland, Maine, and part-time lecturer, Columbia University
Rewriting the History of Art Brut: The Case of Gaston Chaissac
Using Gaston Chaissac's art and writing as our example, we will attempt to outline an alternative genealogy of art brut that commences not with the publication of Prinzhorn's book (Artistry of the Mentally Ill), and the Surrealists' interest in l'art des fous, but rather with popular "proletarian" literature in interwar France.


9:30am-12pm, American Folk Art Museum, Lincoln Center
Uncommon Artists XXI: The Anne Hill Blanchard Symposium
Organized by Lee Kogan
Minnie Evans. Edward Puchner, curator of exhibitions, McKissick Museum, University of South Carolina
Gayleen Aiken. Lyle Rexner, writer and critic
George Widener. Cara Zimmerman, executive director, Foundation for Self-Taught Artists
Rosemarie Trackel. Jenny Moore, associate curator, New Museum

4pm, Outsider Art Fair, Rooftop
Women's Mad Art
Dr. Thomas Roske, director Prinzhorn Collection, Psychiatric University Clinic, Heidelberg, and professor, Institute for European Art History, Heidelberg University 
Agnes Richter's Jacket: Enigma, Talisman, Narrative
Dr. Gail A. Hornstein, professor of psychology, Mount Holyhoke College


4pm, Outsider Art Fair, Rooftop
A Bridge Between Two Worlds
Daniel Baumann, curator, Adolf Wölfli Foundation, Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland, and co-curator, 2013 Carnegie International, Pittsburgh
Massimiliano Gioni, associate director and head of exhibitions, New Museum, and curator, 55th Venice Biennale, 2013 
Ralph Rugoff, director, Hayward Gallery, and curator, The Alternative Guide to the Universe, 2013

Special Exhibitions

Outsider Art Fair, 3rd Floor
Renaldo Kuhler
Founder & Permanent Resident, Rocaterrania
Curated by Rebecca Alban Hoffberger and Brett Ingram

Outsider Art Fair, 2nd Floor
Mario Del Curto
Curated by Celine Muzelle and Valérie Rousseau 
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