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Frank Calloway

American, contemporary.
Born c. 1915, Montgomery, Alabama; died 2014, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Frank Calloway was born sometime between 1896 and 1913 in Montgomery, Alabama. He spent his life as a laborer, working mostly on farms, logging and building roads. He claims to have begun drawing as a small child, although, he explains, his working hours as a laborer prevented him from making art. Diagnosed as schizophrenic in 1952, Calloway was committed to Bryce Hospital and the Alabama Department of Mental Health in Tuscaloosa.  He currently resides in the Alice M. Kidd Nursing Facility in Tuscaloosa.

Calloway’s imagery is primarily agrarian and depicts the Old South as he remembers it.  He draws on butcher paper using crayon, pen, and marker. The scrolls are either 24 or 36 inches high, and anywhere from 8 feet to over 60 feet long.  It is unclear whether he intends to make one artwork, or if he is embedding many separate artworks on one sheet.  When asked about the content of his work he replied, simply, "I do my best.”

- Courtesy Andrew Edlin Gallery

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2011, Frank Calloway, Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York

2009, Frank Calloway: Pageants from the Old South, Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York

2006, Frank Calloway, Kentuck Museum, Northport (Alabama)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2009, In Through the Out Door, Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York

2008, The Marriage of Science, Art and Philosophy, American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore

2006, Consumer Art Exhibition, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Montgomery

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